I am interested in relationships, perspective, and our connections within the space around us. I create non-linear or abstracted narratives that often juxtapose the humorous with the profound. Incorporating multi-media aspects that develop unique architectural designs, investigations of movement and subtle detail are approached through a feminine lens, utilizing "gaze" theory, and explorations of the tenuous private vs public space.  

artist statement.
the company.
Founded in 2010 in Baltimore, MD, withhart.dance.projects is a project-based dance company now home in Atlanta, GA. Its purpose is to foster unique collaborations among visual and performance artists, to present works that challenge traditional perspective and confront audience experiences through visceral environments.

w.d.p creates solo, duet, and small ensemble works. The company's creative process is collaborative, in that dancers are asked to contribute and make choices within the development and performance of the work. 
"It's rare to see a choreographer with vision, voice, movement chops... and dancers who have a point of view as well..." 
- Liz Lerman