they are of threaded glass. (2010)

An investigation of voyeurism, transparency, and the fragile perspective of public versus private space. Set design by Collin Ranney transforms the theater space into a multi-media installation where the women (and audience) find themselves as both observers and performers. Guest choreography by Patrik Widrig. 

Feature article about the project in The Gazette:
"Brainy Entertainment"

Approx 50 min; 3 dancers

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Takoma Park

Rite. (2011-2012)

Influenced by Nijinsky's Rite of Spring, this project explores feminine identity, protest, and the sacrifice of territory.

Excerpt preview with Critical Response
Theatre Project, Baltimore

Joe's Movement Emporium, Mt. Rainier

Dance Place, Washington D.C.

Excerpt performance as part of Stuffed 7
Judson Church, NYC

Approx 35 min; 7 dancers

The ONE Factor
The Line
[| |  ]
Fragmentation of Femininity
of tides or current
ACTION SCULPTURES: 8 dancers and 2 musicians
     a structured improvisation in collaboration with composer Mark Hanson Williams.
From Where We Are
     developed in collaboration with April Gruber, this exploration with technology draws from the sculptural work of Martin Puryear
caecos inter nos
red i
     a site-specific improvisation/installation in collaboration with Betty Skeen, Tim Nohe, Nicole Shiflet
The Next Chapter

Obviously, you're not a golfer. (2010)

A humorous and athletic piece that plays with sport, game, and a lot of tennis balls.

Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore

Howard Community College, Columbia

Approx 6 min; 2-6 dancers
solo projects.
Diet (2010)
humorous, yet profound, improvisation that includes a love scene with a cheeseburger and treadmill. Set to Wesley Willis's "I'm sorry that I got fat."

#boiledrabbits (2012)
"therapy: projection, transference, and other shenaningans..." incorporating unexpected audience participation.

"yes and..." (2013)
exploring the concept of rapid accumulation inspired by my new life as a mommy of twins.

The Architecture of Farewell (2015)

Inspired by transitions of life, this project is a multi-media installation study of space and structure that seeks to create a shifting, unsettled landscape through which the inhabitants negotiate a utopian balance of space and time in relation to each other and the environment. 

The Creative Alliance, Baltimore

Approx 20 min; 5 dancers

brief works.
"explosions of frantic dance were of great endurance and beauty..."
"phenomenal job...strange...uncomfortable...unexpected..."
and the cello plays her (2015)
an improvised coupling between nude woman figure and live cellist
Nostalgia (2014)
set to the familiar "Moonlight Sonata"
Selected for 2018 Modern Atlanta Dance Festival
Sleepwalking (2010)
video and live bodied solo in collaboration with composer Ariyo Shahry.